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Alex my Entry

  Alex is an awesome and mixed character, is powerful, is quick, and is a balanced combination of grapples and technique, but he doesn’t have a lot of combos.

So many times you have to be waiting for any mistake of the opponent, to use it to your advantage and gain an advantage.

I have my doubts about his popularity in the Street Fighter series, because beyond being in the whole 3 saga, only appeared in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, and Fighting Evolution but not in the next Street Fighter IV and its different versions

I Want to know more things about his past and his future. So hopefully Alex coming back in another fighting game.

Alex is my favourite character in all the Street Fighter series. I truly discovered SF when I played with this character. So that’s why I wanted to make a tribute of him. I wanted to give him the appearance of a mature and experienced fighter.

But i didn’t want Alex to look like a old man, because that would remove  the shine of this guy.
First, I made a draw on an A3 paper, after the scanning process I start to work on the Photoshop.
(were more than 10 hours of paint.)

I enjoy both the painting and the drawing itself. It was very exciting for me to create this old Alex.
Conceive this aged character in my head and look at all the possibilities that I was trying to imagine how it would be in a few years was the best part of all. What cost me the most was my decision.

I hope you like it. And I’ll pray for this titan of the struggle is not forgotten in future fighting games. 





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