Adon SF Street Fighter Tribute Hate of the Jaguar by Snakethoot

“Pride of the Jaguar” by Snakethoot


Snakethoot about..

Adon my Entry

Adon is simply a great character, he has a pretty straight-forward philosophy, and his hate for his enemies burns like a wild fire!

He always reminded me of that bad-guy in the movie “Kick-boxer” with Jean Claude Van Damme, after all I guess that Capcom was kinda inspired by this genre.

And for those who think that Adon is somekind of second rater character, believe, no secondary character could defeat Sagat in any point in time!

I took a long time to understand all the twitchings the body goes to when practising Muay Thai, so I could render a proper stance for Adon.

Ultimately, I just asked a friend that happens to be a Muay Thai fighter to show me some moves, and that helped considerably, as I now think that I got the stance

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Adon his Entry

 Adon where do I start with you? I never used this character in any street fighter game so I decided to familiarize myself with him a bit.

After looking at game play videos and reading about him he has an interesting play style indeed. Adon has a big ego and often underestimates his opponents.

Hes very arrogant which reminded me of one of my friends who is like that. Adon’s special moves are quick and furious. If you like overwhelming opponents with speed then this is your character.

I wanted to give Adon a dynamic pose. After going trough all the initial sketches I settled on the current pose you see now.

I wanted to make this piece pop. Like if you saw it from far away it will catch your attention.

This was good practice for drawing a muscular character which is something I don’t do often since I mostly draw girls. Overall I had great fun in producing this illustration. 


Adon Profile SF Tribute Adon is one of the characters from the original Street Fighter I game, who made a comeback in the Street Fighter Alpha series and a third appearance in Super Street Fighter IV.

He is an arrogant and sometimes cocky Muay Thai fighter who often underestimates his opponents.

Adon is angry at Sagat for losing to Ryu as he lost to him by a single Shoryuken.

Muay Thai is everything to Adon, and he wants to become the new ‘God of Muay Thai‘”. 




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