Abel SF 25TH Anniversary Tribute by Leomon32

by Leomon32

“This is Abel from Street Fighter 4. I’m a bit like him, I forgot a lot of stuff (but not my credit card number, don’t worry).

I use to draw muscular guys (always). So I took my chance and drew Abel this time, well, second time, since It’s a retake of an old work. I used larger lines and white and hot tones (which reinforce the shades and the bright effects). I tend to use that white border around my work, like if it was a sticker.

The whole was done on my tablet, I don’t use any paper (no scanner). It’s pretty handy since I work a lot on train when I travel.”




Abel appeared the first time in Street Fighter IV (2008) and its later literations (Super SF IV, Arcade Edition) and returned also in Street Fighter X Tekken (2012)

Abel is so far the second Street Fighter character representing France (birthplace is Russia but Abel cant remember that) after Remy in Street Fighter III Third Strike.

Abel is a grappler type character. The popular french comic character TinTin might have been a reference for his haircut

Seth`s and Abel`s faces look very similar but it is unsolved yet in what relation they stand

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