Street Fighter Vs Mortal Kombat SF vs MK art

This Image won a Contest made about the Mortal Kombat vs SF Setting, beside a dA Premium Account for three Months, Vadlyx entry was chosen to be featured in the Tribute

I decided Liu Kang & Kitana vs Ryu and Chun li. that’s because they appeared both in games and the movie as the main character.

About my entry, i wanted the fight scene look more epic, so i have to know how every character special move when they fight, for example ryu with his hado-ken and so on with the other characters



by Humida

The Idea and demand of a Sf vs MK crossover game is as long both series exsist. Fans created flash animations, Mugen games and Comics, even a few small moves with the SF vs MK idea, but sadly Capcom , Midway and now Warner Bros always saw too many differences between the games, their characters and the fans too.

Its quite sad, because a SF vs MK game would most likely really be very cool and could be something more interesting than all crossover games involving capcom before. There is still the hope…and these great artworks made for the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tribute.