Wolfgang Krauser was the boss character of Fatal Fury / Garou Densetsu 2. Wolfgang has just everything a great boss needs! A german accent, Mozarts Requiem as his musical background theme, a super manly look and well…violet hair.  Yes.. Mr Krauser was a relative bizarre design but still somewhat cool. Sadly Wolfgang Krauser did not return in a King of Fighters game lately beside the KOF `98 remake



The Tributes:




 Wolfgang Krauser, for many fighting game fans probably aren’t all that well versed this character. Even I personally, didn’t encounter Wolfgang Krauser in the Fatal Fury games, but in the Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle OVA anime. That’s where I learned to respect the character, and be fearful of his immense power.

Many forget, or aren’t aware of the fact that Wolfgang Krauser and Geese Howard are actually half brothers, sharing the same father.

by Marvin000


   Couldn’t think of a better badassness. And I don’t really like bloods or gore things actually, so there’re just little splatters.
It took more time than I expected as I couldn’t satisfy. Still I can’t, but now I give up!

by LHDip

I made this in Photoshop 7. To watch me paint it real time start at this video and watch the rest. [link]

I think it took me 8 hours to make this. I didn’t do the math…

After digi painting the other two pictures I figured cel shading would be much faster. I was wrong.

by Jaredjlee


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