True Ogre is the final Boss of Tekken 3. Ogre is a god of war and kiled  multiple martial arts experts around the globe to inherit their strenghts and moves. Like all Tekken bosses except Azazael maybe he was no real problem though.

True Ogre returned as a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament 1+2



The Tributes:





by naldridge



by tovio911


  putting the hours together it’d add up as 10 to 12 hours spread over my schedule from the past few weeks.

I sketched his head during class and then scanned it in to “blueline” the rest of his body and settle his pose with my trusty ol’ Wacom Bamboo on PhotoshopCS5. Said tablet and program were also used for coloring over the sketch and getting this end result.

I picked True Ogre because when I saw the list and spotted his name I thought back on when I was 6 or 7 and repeatedly went on to kick his ass in Tekken 3. It was the first game that really pulled me into its design and made me wonder if I could ever make something like it, and thus inspiring my decision to become a gamedesigner years later.

To me, True Ogre was and still is a great and challenging fighting boss. In the hands of someone with the right skill he can be ridiculously devastating with his showy and demonlike moves.
It was something I really admired as a kid along with his bizarre mythical creature look and backstory. 

by Hexterian


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