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 I’m sorry if the coloring ended up a bit basic but Im still a noob at coloring, so… there will probably more of these until I master it, also sorry if the lineart is a bit messy, but well.. all of my work is like that no matter what I do I just can clean entirely the sketch, it needs more blood and people at his feet but well.. enough rambling…

by Nightmirage94



 This drawing of Shao Kahn took about three or for days to create from conception to finalization. I drew it free hand with pencil on a normal piece of computer paper, but I colored it using photoshop.

I chose to draw Shao Kahn for the Boss tribute project because, he is one of the most iconic bosses of the Mortal Kombat series and fighting games.

He is is also one of the most annoying bosses to fight and the earliest boss to ridicule you while fighting.

by soysaurus1



the big main badass boss from the classic mortal kombats and the latest instalment also my entry for the boss tribute project
im quite proud of how this came out in the end but the thing im mainly sad about is that i couldn’t get it scanned and had to take a crappy photo of it

by Demonjester55


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