Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is the latest part of the Tekken series which exists since 1994. Like in TTT1 characters of the whole series are in the game, unlike the normal games the TTT2 series features tag battles of 2vs2. In TTT2 there are also 1 vs2 match types avaiable. It is featuring the biggest cast ever seen in a Tekken game with over 50 playable characters.

A fan art tribute on Game Art HQ for the original Tekken from 1994 is in the works by over 40 artists, this tribute will be published here in the same week as TTT2 for consoles


 Latest news for Tekken Tag Tournament 2:

09.07, Artworks for the new characters added


Prototype Jack, Alex, Forest Law and Tiger Jackson were shown along with new stages like the Netherlands and the Philipines

Katsuhiro Harada also announced today that there are even more characters and stages ..Dr Bosconovitch maybe?


PAL / Europe Releaseday  of TTT2 is the 14th September 2012

Kunimitsu, Angel, Human Ogre and Michelle Chang are playable unlockable characters in TTT2, they are unlockable via a dlc code for preorders and unlockable in the singple player Campaign

Combot from Tekken 4 is in the console versions of TTT2 and can be customized with the moves of multiple characters

There is a campaign mode related to Lee Chao Lan in the Console Versions


Alex Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Art


Forest Law TTT2 Art

Forest Law

Prototype Jack P-Jack Tekken Tag Tournament 2


Tiger Jackson Tekken TTT2 Art

Tiger Jackson


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Packshots / Covers

TTT2 PS3 Packshot Cover

PS3 TTT2 Packshot / Cover

TTT2 XBox360 Packshot Cover

XB360 TTT2 Packshot / Cover


Click on an Image to see the enlarged HD Version of it


Additional / New Console Version Character Renders, it seems there are more not yet announced characters.

Angel (Console Exclusive)

Combot TTT2

Combot (Console Exclusive)

Heihachi Mishima

Jin Kazama TTT2

Jin Kazama

Jun Kazama

Kazuya Mishima

Kunimitsu TTT2

Kunimitsu ( Console Exclusive)

Michelle Chang TTT2 

Michelle Chang (Console Exclusive)

Ogre Human Form TTT2

Ogre (Human Form)

Console Exclusive





Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Arena Renders & Screenshots

Tekken TT2 Brazil Arena  TTT2 Violet Systems Arena    


TTT2 Arcade Version Character Renders