This is a fan art by Tom Waterhouse of the fictional character Sonic from the Sonic the Hedgedog action game series by Sega


Tom`s own description of his work:

“After playing Sonic on of the many portable devices it’s available on, I went on the hunt for some pictures of Sonic sitting within the title screen ring, as he so famously does across many Sonic games. Curiously, I couldn’t find a single one; official, fan art or otherwise (Cosplayers )…

So I had to make one! Sonic here hasn’t got huge amounts of style per-se, but I like my current take on him. It’s more based towards the classic Sonic, less lanky, more rounded – hense the title. It’s just nice to draw something different, too!
This was going to be a quick Christmas present to you all, but it’ll have to do as a happy new year! instead. Hope you guys have a good year!”


This fan art by 2DForever / Tom Waterhouse was published the first time on January 4, 2010


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