Ryu and Ken are the two most known Street Fighter and maybe fighting game characters in general and often drawn together by fans, sometimes having fun together, and more often fighting against each other!

In the background story pf SF they were trained together by their master Gouken in Japan and learned to be friends and fight together against their opponents but they are also still rivals and like to test their skills with each other, have fun watching this gallery and if you want to know and see more about Ryu and Ken, head to their Game-Art-HQ Galleries!

 Ryu vs. Ken Street Fighter II by Orioto

Ryu vs. Ken – Street Fighter II by Orioto

Ryu vs. Ken by_CrescentDebris

Ryu vs. Ken

by CrescentDebris

Ryu vs Ken Street Fighter Art by Alfred Stewart

In your Face!

by Alfred “NDGO” Stewart

The Whirwind Kick

by ry-spirit


Ryu & Ken SFV Street Fighter V Wallpaper Art

Ryu & Ken in SFV Wallpaper Art by Artgerm