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This is a fan art for the Sega Saturn RPG “Panzer Dragoon Saga:Azel” by 2DForever, he mentioned that Panzer Dragon Saga is one of his favourite games ever

but just read his own description of his fan art here:

“Here we have Azel riding her imposing dragon, Atolm. This is a scene from Panzer Dragoon Saga where you, as Edge (in the 3rd panel), first have to fight Azel – I can remember being amazed by the size of Atolm when I first saw him!

After a while, Azel commands her dragon to let loose a fierce move called Berserker Rage. She calls out ‘Ne-Rai’ which roughly means ‘Aim’, but I always liked the meaning I once read in a magazine, ‘Rain death on him’.


I’ve had this hidden away in my to-do pile for some time and I’m glad I took another look at it. The first panel was bugging me for ages, I eventually scrapped that panel and did something completely different. I love it when that actually works.”


This fan art by 2DForever / Tom Waterhouse was published the first time on February 29, 2008


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