by Salvation-Series


Dont Make Me Laugh!!

Prepare To Die!!

You Weak…PATHETIC Fool!!


Are you trying to win?


Shao Kahn…boss of Mortal Kombat II, Mortal Kombat 3, more or less of MK Vs DC and Boss of Mortal Kombat 9 / 2011

One of the hardest fighting game bosses ever created, one of the most liked ones according to every poll about Bosses and Badasses in Videogames

The Characterdesign could straight be from a Conan Movie, but his biggest feature was and is probably his evil personality.

Shao Kahn taunting the player with those quotes above was something never seen or heard before Mortal Kombat II, that and his very powerful moves,

overpowered health and his involvements in the Story of the most MK games made him somewhat iconic.

I really hope we will see him again in future MK games..even if he might be dead and something like a Nightmare Geese Howard in the later Fatal Fury games.

Project Main Gallery Baraka


Salvation-Series is another one of the Artists i knew before the MK Project started already, he is actually the founder of the DA MK FanGroup MKRebirth and handed it over to me in Februar 2011.

He drawed an own series of Mortal Kombat Redesigns, they can be seen here

I look forward to everything he draws and am proud that he joined the project after i mentioned it to him.  Great work Robbie, your works..including your gritty Pokemon ones really rule!


If you like this drawing and style, be sure to visit his gallery on Deviantart

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Shao Kahn was also a part of the Boss Tribute Project Round 1 on Game Art HQ, you can see this project here