The Legend of Mana is the fourth game in the Seiken Densetsu (Holy Sword) / Secret of Mana role playing game series. Legend of Mana was released 1999 in Japan and 2000 in North America. It was a financial success but was sadly never released in Europe / PAL Regions.

Fans described it often as one of the graphically most beautiful and advanced Sony Playstation games with traditional 2D Graphics. It got re-released for PSN 2010 in Japan and 2011 for the american PSN as well


The Legend of Mana was designed by Akihiko Matsui, the artists behind  its graphics are Shinichi Kameoka and Koji Tsuda.


The screenshots were made using the Playstation Emulator pSX 1.13. I didnt see any differences to the game on the original playstation which i played trough back in the year 2001.

This is going to be more than just a little screenshot gallery of Legend of Mana, i will try to document this game via many screens which show the art of this masterpiece like no other website before.


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All screens are in a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels or more, click on them to enlarge


Story, Dialogue and Movie Screens

Legend of Mana Intro

Ladys look best when…

A wandering juggler

Choice the path

Chapter Finished

Ruling with Pumpkins


The Mana Tree




Title,Select, Option and Stat Screens of Legend of Mana

Title Screen

Character /Gender Select

Weapon Select

Name Select

Area Select/ World Map

Configurations and Stats

Game Enviroments Menu

After a successful battle



 Tutorial Screens

Mailbox Tutorial

Artifacts Tutorial



The Cities






The Action Levels / Dungeons

Mekiv Caverns Entrance

Mekiv Caverns Battle

Mekiv Caverns Boss Battle

Luon Highway

Luon Highway Battle

Luon Highway Boss Battle

Lake Kilma

Lake Kilma Battle

Lake Kilma Boss Battle


Jungle Battle

Jungle Boss Battle


Gato Caves Battle


Duma Desert

Duma Desert Battle

Duma Desert Boss Battle

Madora Beach Entrance

Madora Beach Battle

Madora Beach Boss Battle




The Home and other Places

Sleeping Room / Home

Living Room / Home


Outside, in front of the Home

Monster Corral

Monster Barn


Entrance of Workshops

Backyard Orchard

Center of Domina

Mark`s Room

Rachel`s Room

Domina Item Shop

Domina Pub

Domina Inn

Inn Guest Room

Domina Marketplace

Outskirts of Domina

Park of Mana Angel

Domina Western End

ST. Mana Church

Nave of St. Mana Church

Mischievious Spirit Tavern

El Hazardous Equipment

Bright Moon Alley

Morning Moon Alley

Limelight Lamps

Lumina Gems Shop

 Gato Entrance

Gato Pathways

Gato Cliff Terrace

Gato Temple of Healing

Gato items Shop

Gato Waterfall

Gato Cancun Bird`s Nest