These are official artworks which can be unlocked in Guilty Gear XX Accent Core + (GGXXAC+) if you play trough the survival mode completly and also the Arcade Mode with all normal and EX characters.

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You can find the normal arcade ending images here ,

the EX characters arcade ending images can be found here




These images were made unlocking them in the game itself and making prints using the emulated PS2 version

To enlarge the images, simply click on one of them

Special Illustration #1 – Sol and Ky

Special Illustration #5 – Groupshot

Special Illustration #2 -Dizzy & May

Special Illustration #3 – Bridget

Special Illustration #4 – Chipp Zanuff

Special Illustration #6 – Christmas with Dizzy

Special Illustration #7 – Jam

Special Illustration #8 – Millia Rage

Special Illustration #9 – Jam and Bridget

Special Illustration #10 – Anji Mito


Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus was released for the Playstation 2 and the Nintendo Wii, both versions have the same content, the Wii version can be played with the classic controller.

I recommend the PS2 Version though, simply because i prefer the Dual Shock Playstation Controllers. The PS2 version is also flawless emulated, while i still have a PS2 console i prefer playing the emulated version on the PC because i can safe whenever i want, ..and of course make screenshots of game art, without the emulation of the game this gallery would not exist.

You can grab Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus quite cheap now at Amazon, it is still one of the greatest 2D Fighting games and features an awesome soundtrack