Art is something which can appear in so many different forms, even 8bit retro-style graphics or chiptunes are some sort of art, and especially now, 20-30 years after 8 bit arcade and console games were released, it can be tricky and interesting to create something in a style which was modern in the eighties.



Street Fighter II  was released in 1991 and ported to 16 bit consoles like the Super Nintendo and the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis.

A small group of motivated and dedicated Street Fighter fans created a Street Fighter game with graphics in the typical NES style.


The Portraits are in 8 Bit style too

Dont expect background animations on the NES 🙂


Interesting enough, they also added characters which appeared  much later in the Street Fighter series (Sean from SF III), and a few bonus characters like Terry Bogard from SNK`s Fatal Fury / King of Fighter`s games and Mike Haggar from Final Fight.





Shou Reppa! 16 Hit Combo!!

Definitive worth mentioning is also Sheng Long, which once just appeared in Ryu`s  SF II winning sentence and was used by the EGM Magazine to spread a fake code and rumors that he would be a unlockable secret character in SF II. Well in SF II NES he is.

It should be mentioned though, that the music is mostly from the games like SF 2 & 3 and no own versions were made for the game. The sound effects are also from later games and dont sound like anything on theNES  . Those would be some points to improve to make the game even more a 8bit style game if thats the intention.


This project started in 2005 already, and since than it saw various demos, and updated versions with bugfixes, new characters, stages, music etc.


So far, Street Fighter II NES includes 18 characters and stages, these are Ryu,Ken,Chun Li, Blanka, Dhalsim, Honda, Zangief, Balrog, Vega, Sagat, M.Bison, Sheng Long, Akuma, Haggar, Dan, Sean and Terry Bogard who is named “A Vagrant”


 Gameplay features are:

  • Loose combo system
  • Damage reduction system during combos
  • Comboable throws
  • Emergency escape
  • Zero counter
  • EX attacks
  • At least 3 level 1 specials per character
  • At least 2 level 3 special per character

The game can be played with the keyboard and also most controllers are supported


The  version of the game  with MP3 tracks is only around 70 MB small, to download the always newest version visit the official website of the project here

The current version is 1.01, the most changes made from 1.0 to 1.01 were bugfixes and balance updates, it was announced that there will be other news about the game in a not too distant future, probably later this year.

I recommend the Midi sound version, because it sounds more like done on a NES



The game was made with the free MUGEN fighting game engine, for more infos about it visit Elecbyte`s homepage

Street Fighter II NES is a non commercial game and project, made by fans for fans


My personal thanks for this project goes to its developers Bia, Caddie and Mr A

I am looking forward to updates of this game in the next Months and years and will update this article

You can discuss this game and the article via the Game Art HQ forum