Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is a Role-playing video game developed by Matrix Software and Square Enix in 2008.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years was later ported to the WiiWare and Playstation Portable.



Main Characters





Character Artworks

Cecil, Ceodore & Rosa

Cecil, Rosa & Ceodore



Gekkou, Izayoi, Tsukinowa, Zangetsu

Edge & Eblan Four





Palom, Leonora & Porom





Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Character Renders

Cecil Harvey

Ceodore Harvey




Cid & Luca





Edward & Harley

Edward & Harley







Kain Highwind




Palom & Leonora




Porom & Palom






Rosa & Holy Kain


Rydia & Luca







Ursula & Yang

Yang Fang Leiden FFIV After Years Game Art

 Yang Fang Leiden


Yang & Ursula



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