This gallery shows the game related works by the professional artist Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias, also known as GENZOMAN, from Chile chosen for GA-HQ.

GENZOMAN works in the visual art business industry since many years,

He is a part of the UDON Crew, multiple of his works got published in Artbooks like their Mega Man and Street Fighter Tributes and other Publications

I recommend visiting his gallery on deviantart where you can see all his works not related to video games from him




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Zelda: Twilight Princess

July 2011

Midna and Wolf-Form Link

October 2010

Midna & Link (Human Forms)

January 2011


Zelda: Wind Waker

Link & Tetra

January 2010

Tetra (redesigned)

February 2008

Midna, Fi and Navi from Zelda OoT, TP and SS

December 2011


Manly Heroes are Manly

Manly Cloud Strife

November 2009

Manly Link

July 2009


Hey!! Listen! (Navi Must Die)

Link and Navi..or whats left of Navi in Zelda: Ocarina of Time

May 2010




January 2010

Hsien Ko

July 2009


October 2007


September 2010

Samus Aran

September 2011

Mega Man Series

February 2011


 Strider Hiryu

May 2011

February 2011


Street Fighter

Fantasy Fighters Redesign



September 2011


July 2010


March 2010


April 2010


June 2010

Dee Jay

June 2010


October 2009


June 2010


September 2010


September 2011


June 2010


September 2010


Rainbow Mika

March 2009


April 2009



Elena Vs Makoto

June 2008




Street Fighter X Tekken

July 2010



Soul Calibur


August 2009


April 2010

Amy Sorel

December 2009

April 2010

February 2011

Amy and Raphael Sorel



GENZOMAN made two artbooks avaiable to download for free

You can get his Artbook “Legendary Visions” which contains a compilations of his works on 200 pages via Amazon 


His “Deggial Sketchbook” – In this sketchbook you can find some sketches,

doodles and studies Genzoman did between 2002-2004


Clash of the titans:The prequel comic of the Movie, The Kraken´s story. Donwload it for free for your Ipod/Ipad


Every artwork on this site was chosen by me personally, every artist was asked by me for their support of this website and gave me the permission to use these works here