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This is a fan art of the Mirrors Edge main protagonist Faith drawn by 2DForever


Own Words from the Artist:

“Has it already been a year since Mirror’s Edge came out? It randomly popped into my mind and I just had to draw Faith. While I can’t confess to being a huge fan of the game (the demo will suffice!), I love the protagonist, Faith. In my books this is a well made character.

One of the main reasons for liking her so is that she’s a female lead without looking or acting anything like Lara Croft. So much so in fact, one artist decided to make a more attractive, curvier (read: bigger boobs) version. This really split the internet, but I’m happily in the camp of the original Faith. I always like to think imperfections is what makes a person, not some anime doll.

So, this is my homage to Faith, asian eyes, smaller boobs, muscles and all. Regarding the picture itself, I had so much fun with this. I forgot how much fun it can be to draw with chunky outlines too! I went through quite a few different poses trying to get the punch right. I ended up with this one as I liked how it seemed a bit over the top, and aided the excuse to make a slightly distorted face!”


This fan art by 2DForever / Tom Waterhouse was published the first time on November 11, 2009


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