This gallery shows the video game related artworks by the professional artist Patrik Hjelm also known as UnidColor from Sweden chosen for GA-HQ.

You can find more of his works which are not video game related and contact infos on his deviantart profile

You can contact him directly via Email

To see an enlarged version of the artworks, simply click on them, to see more game art related to the character or game, click on the name under the image!






September 2008



September 2008


Diablo 2 Act 2 : Maggot Lair

December 2011

Diablo 2 Act 3

November 2011


August 2009



March 2012


World of Warcraft

WoW: The Living Tree

October 2010

WoW: The Firelands

June 2011


May 2009

WoW: Worgen Race

December 2010

WoW: Murlock Invasion

October 2010

WoW: Anub’Arak

August 2009



Crimson Viper

January 2009

Every artwork on this site was chosen by me personally, every artist was asked by me for their support of this website