This gallery shows the video game related art by the artist known as Pertheseus from Tampa, USA chosen for GA-HQ.

You can find more of his works which are not video game related and contact infos on his deviantart profile.

 To see an enlarged version of the artworks, simply click on them, to see more game art related to the character or game, click on the name under the image!


August 2006


Mega Man

Mega Man Udon Tribute Book chosen entry

July 2011

Mega Man

August 2007

Mega Man and Proto Man

July 2008

Mega Man 2

March 2010

Megaman Series

September 2009


Capcom Fighters


Morrigan & Lilith

October 2007

Aulbath / Rikuo, Darkstalkers UDON Tribute chosen entry

June 2009


March 2009

Chun Li Roboter Re-Design

February 2012




Samus Aran

October 2007


Halo 3

March 2008

Metal Gear Solid Series

February 2010



The Legend of Zelda

The Windfish from Link`s Awakening

May 2011


Alternative Link

June 2010

Zelda Twilight Princess

May 2007


October 2008

Zelda OoT: The Water Temple

October 2008

Zelda Series

July 2011


Midna and Wolf-Link

February 2010


Zelda Series

March 2012


  Ryu Hayabusa

June 2009

Every artwork on this site was chosen by me personally, every artist was asked by me for their support of this website