This gallery shows the video game related artworks by Santa Fung 走刀口 from Malaysia. He is also known as fkcsantaclaus chosen for GA-HQ.

You can find more of his works which are not video game related and contact infos on his deviantart profile.

He has also a Blog (chinese)



To see an enlarged version of the artworks, simply click on them, to see more game art related to the character or game, click on the name under the image!


Final Fantasy

Cloud & Zack in FFVII Crisis Core

May 2008

Cloud Strife

March 2007




Blue Mary

March 2008


Mai Shiranui

March 2008

Cammy & Chun Li

September 2011


Alex vs Gill

April 2008

Demitri Maximoff

July 2007


Every artwork on this site was chosen by me personally, every artist was asked by me for their support of this website