This gallery shows the works by BossLogic, from Australia chosen for GA-HQ. You can visit other works from him and contact him  either on his deviantart profile or his website

For a direct contact you can also email BossLogic via

Who is BossLogic?

Graphic artist from Melbourne, Australia. First started drawing when he was 6 years old, still has not taken the pen out of his hand. After transferring his skills to a digital platform Kode was able to expose his work to a wider audience a move that came with great success.

Kode is still learning new skills along the way and being taught many different styles from many talented teachers.

Kode Has his own style of visual stories though his thirst for knowledge is something that never goes away so he keeps challenging himself and build the building blocks to get where he needs to be.

Kode love’s doing collaborations with other talented people to learn their take on design and learn off that foundations to create a major outcome and to be remembered for what they have done.

So he has come into this artists battle field armed with his sketch book in one hand and his camera in the other, fighting to survive this colorful war.


So far only Abel from Street Fighter IV and BossLogic`s “Hyper Real” series

was featured on Game Art HQ, i recommend visiting BossLogic`s website or

deviantart account where a lot more artworks can be seen