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This is a fan art by Tom Waterhouse of the fictional character Anita from the Darkstalkers fighting game series by Capcom


Tom`s own description of his work:

“I’m sure we’re all aware of the DarkStalkers tribute book being held by Udon – Missing out on the SF book I had to give this one a go.

However I find out that my piece didn’t make it into the book. Bah. The annoying part is I don’t know why I didn’t make the book – there could be a possibility that Anita (shown here) is not considered a DS character and therefore automatically disqualified.

I could try to fool myself into thinking this, but judging by the calibre of disappointed artists that also weren’t selected, I’d say quality was certainly an issue too.
Ah well… Didn’t like the Darkstalkers anyway… grumble grumble.

As for the actual picture, this is Anita, the loveable little freak, doing her scary finger pointing most prominently seen in Marvel vs Capcom. I really liked the way this turned out, using quite simple colouring (it’s very two toned) and not trying anything too fancy with it.

Still, glad it’s all over so I can show the piece and carry on playing more Capcom games.”


This fan art by 2DForever / Tom Waterhouse was published the first time on March 18, 2009


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