Ridge Racer 64 Reiko by Ed Moffatt

Reiko from Ridge Racer 64 drawn by Ed Mofatt



Ridge Racer 64 was the first Ridge Racer game that was not made by Namco itself, instead Nintendo licensed the IP and track designs from Ridge Racer and Ridge Racer Revolution and added a few own tracks as well. The game is not a port of the earlier RR games and more like a different racing game with the same name. It was developed by Nintendo Software Technology and released in February 2000, RR64 was also never released in Japan. One of its biggest features were the great soundtrack and the multiplayer mode for up to 4 players. It was receiving raving and well deserved great review scores.

There were no direct sequels for the game but Nintendo basically re-released it on the Nintendo 64 in 2004 and naming it Ridge Racer DS 



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