Quake 64 drawn for the Nintendo 64 Tribute on Game-Art-HQ by C-R-O-F-T 

Quake 64 drawn by Lara “C-R-O-F-T” Couzens


“The N64 console will always be awesome with its crazy controllers and funky colours, especially the Pokémon variants…I still have both in the collection! Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Quake also celebrates its 20th & 1 day anniversary so that’s why I picked it for the tribute =D

Quake was a great game, even if the N64 port unfortunately wasn’t as good. It had dark scenery and blood soaked, poison spitting, laser firing, sword swinging, chainsaw wielding, lava throwing monsters and not to forget the electricity projectiles from the big shaggy Shambler! Fun times as a youngster! =D”



After porting Doom to the Nintendo 64, Midway and IF Software worked together another time to release Quake to the 64bitter in March 1998.

The Nintendo 64 version did not have extra weapons or enemies though, but it had a two player deathmatch mode at least. Multiplayer modes were missed in the Sega Saturn port that was released a bit earlier. 


That Quake 64 was one of the around 40 Nintendo 64 games that were picked for our Art Collaboration was quite the surprise, but a really cool one. Thanks @ Lara for picking this title!




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