Mischief Makers Marina Liteyears Nintendo 64 Tribute by kaigetsudo 

Marina Liteyears from Mischief Makers drawn by Kaigetsudo aka @Kaigetsudo on Twitter

 “I was first drawn to Mischief Makers because of the main character Marina. Tried to express what I liked so much about her in the piece. Can you tell I had a crush on her?

Mischief Makers is a great game too. Unique platforming gameplay that ranges from relaxed to insane, colorful graphics and the energetic soundtrack make an excellent mix of style and substance that really stands out in the N64 library.

One fond memory I have with this game is me and my best friend from high school going halfsies at a used game store to buy it. We would take turns with the cart and eventually both beat the game. Over time it got lost, and me and my friend have since parted ways to pursue our career goals.

Recently my dad sent me some old games he found at our house. Few were actually mine, but among them was a copy of Mischief Makers. Lo and behold it was the copy with both mine and my friend’s files intact. It was a rush of nostalgia to still see our names in the only 2 save slots, still there after all these years.”



Mischief Makers drawn by Dr-Pod for the Nintendo 64 Tribute 

Mischief Makers: Beastector drawn by Dr-Pod

“the N64 was, as it was to many, a big part of my childhood. back when renting video games was normal I tried a great variety of games from the local blockbusters, including Mischief Makers. it stuck out to me back then as a strange game that did a number of things differently from contemporary games; 2d graphics, unique gameplay and a unique aesthetic.

It always amazed me that the game was never more popular than it ever became.
I was fortunate enough to recently receive it as a gift from a friend that I expressed interest in the game to and i was ecstatic to play it again. it was every bit as zany, fun and weird as I remember and it pains me that it hasn’t gotten the attention it so deserves. Here’s my little tribute to one of the greatest hidden gems on the N64.” 



Mischief Makers by Treasure was released in summer 1997 and was the first 2d sidescrolling Platformer on the Nintendo 64. It received mixed reviews back in the nineties and was criticised for its harsh learning curve, low replay value and a relative low difficulty.

The most retrospective reviewers however (me included) rated the game much higher and praised its innovative gameplay, fun boss fights and the personality of the game and its main protagonist Marina. Treasure is a Japanese development studio known for their beautiful but difficult 2d platformers and action games.

Mischief Makers did not get any form of sequel sadly.


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