Super Mario 64 Game-Art-HQ Nintendo Anniversary Tribute by Bryan Heemskerk

Super Mario 64 Pixel Art drawn by Bryan Heemskerk

I remember playing Mario 64 over and over again. It was the first game I remember giving such a sense of gravity, jumping off of the top of a level, having bowser jump on the platform and it tilts. I remember feeling genuine fear underwater with the eel. This game genuinely touched my entire emotional spectrum, something that is rare for me with games today. 


  Super Mario 64 Bowser Swing Boss Fight Screenshot

Super Mario 64 was one of the most anticipated games since the Nintendo 64 was revealed to the public and made full use of the new N64 analogue stick.

The game became one of the two launch titles of the console and is till today known as one of the best 3d platformer games that influenced many other following 3d platformers in the following years till today.

It received a remake on the Nintendo 64, a direct sequel of Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64 DD was cancelled in 1999 due to the low sales of the hardware. Around 11 million copies of Super Mario 64 were sold by May 2003. 



Mario vs King Bob-omb in Super Mario 64 Nintendo 64 Tribute on Game-Art-HQ drawn by MrBFox

Let’s fight King Bob-omb drawn by MrBFox

 “Mario 64 like for many would be one my earliest encounters with games that play with 3D movement, with the 1st level ending with the King Bob Omb boss also being one my first boss encounters in a 3D space, Didnt do too well against the rest of the bosses when I first played it a neighbours house, but I would when I played the game again years later on the DS port. so that became the basis of this tribute.”




Super Mario 64 All Bosses Nintendo 64 Tribute on Game-Art-HQ by Exael-X

The Super Mario 64 Bosses drawn by Exael-X






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