Hyrule Warriors Legends Link and Linkle by EternalLegend

Teamwork by the Legend of Zelda Siblings by Janice “EternalLegend” Scott

“Link and Linkle helping each other during such dire moments. I would imagine Linkle being the master craftsman in combining weapons/setting traps while Link delivers the physical attacks.
So I learnt that Linkle isn’t Link’s little sister through Hyrule Warriors (gosh I really dislike her name), but I like to imagine that they are siblings or family in a way. //shrug

I drew these two a while ago but decided to do another one with more of a story behind it and with more expression.”


As a big fan of all the Dynasty Warriors games and their many crossovers I just have to get Hyrule Warriors sooner or later but I hope they might release an upgraded version with all the stuff from HW Legends and its upcoming DLC  maybe for the Nintendo NX next year. I have a good feeling about the console and think it might reach more people than the Wii U. Also big Kudos @EL for creating another great Legend of Zelda Artwork!