Terry Bogard Power Wave KOF XIII Jasco Card Game Art

Terry Bogard the leader of the Fatal Fury Team

Joe Higashi KOF Jasco Card Game Art

Joe Higashi from the Fatal Fury Team


Like probably the most fighting game players I am waiting for King of Fighters XIV which looks like it could ease the disappointment that was Street Fighter V. KOF was never as big as the Capcom fighters but it got its own card game by Jasco Games too and some of the artworks made for it surfaced online a while ago. Thought it’s a good time now to feature them here. I hope maybe all of them will be online someday, they look really good,

The artists Brolo and Tania Castello did a great job with these illustrations based on the character designs in The King of Fighters XIII.

Terry Bogard’s Artwork shows him doing the Power Wave, Joe Higashi is performing his Hurricane Upper and Ralf Jones is hitting hard with his VulcanPunch special move. on the last image you can see the whole Ikari Warriors Team receiving Orders from their Boss, Heidern. 

ps: I hope Heidern might return as a dlc character in KOF XIV maybe, all other characters in the artworks are confirmed to return in the game already.

And its good that Ralf and Clark don’t look so buffed up anymore in the new King of Fighters.


Ralf Jones KOF Vulcan Punch Jasco Card Game Art

Buffed Up Ralf Jones


Ikari Warriors KOF XIII Jasco Card Game Art

The whole Ikari Warriors Team in KOF XIII