30th Anniversary of Legend of Zelda - Evolution of Link by EternaLegend

30 Years of Zelda: Link in his many different designs and Zelda games, drawn by EternaLegend

Happy 30th Birthday to my most favourite video game series of all time: The Legend of Zelda! I decided to draw all Links together to celebrate the occasion.

It may seem some Links are missing, but there’s some explanations for that. For example: Wind Waker Link is also Phantom Hourglass Link and Link’s Awakening Link is the same Link in the OoX games and ALTTP. The rule doesn’t apply for OoT/MM Link since they’re pretty unique (and those two games mean a lot to me on a personal level).

– I decided to add in Ravio since to me he seems like a Link in his own right for the Dark World.

– Deku, Goron and Zora Link were going to be drawn in but in the end they represent the soul of other characters and not exclusively Link – even though he takes on their appearances when he wears the mask. Fierce Deity Link had to be in the artwork though.

– Wii U /NX Link is added in because hey he’s part of the family now and this year is pretty much his year :]

This artwork is for you guys. For all you Zelda fans out there, to the creator (Shigeru Miyamoto!) and the developers of The Legend of Zelda games these past 3 decades


Wow, I still remember playing a Zelda game for the first time. I was eight or nine years old and they had these demo stands of a Game Boy and an NES in an electronics shop nearby. The Legend of Zelda was the only game they had there to play and I suspect the guy in charge played it if no kids were around.

Happy Birthday @ this awesome franchise and Link!