Mega Man and Dr Wilys Castle by Il-Piccolo-Torero

Mega Man in front of Dr Wily’s Castle Stage drawn by the long-time GA-HQ Member and Contributor Il-Piccolo-Torero

Mega Man: Dr. Wily’s Revenge on the Game Boy was actually the first Mega Man game I ever played (bought an NES many years later) and it took me months as a 12-year-old to finally beat it. The first stages against the Robot Masters were all pretty OK but if I remember it right you had to survive multiple stages and boss battles at the end to play it through. I will never forget that haunting image of Dr Wily’s Castle.

When I saw this latest fan art and submission by  Il-Piccolo-Torero all the memories were back..both the good ones as well as the nightmarish ones lol.

Great work Luis and thanks a ton for being an active and supporting part of our community! 

ps: Luis sells T-Shirt and other stuff, if you liked his Mega Man art here, check out his dA profile for more info!

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