Dr. Neo Cortex 3D Art by Aemiliuslives

Doctor Neo Cortex from Crash Bandicoot (R.I.P) revived in 3D by Aemiliuslives

Dr. Neo Cortex was a really funny main antagonist in the Crash Bandicoot games and my main in Crash Team Racing of course. He was an ugly and mean looking little guy with a big head who would do everything to rule the world. The perfect team partner for Dr. Wily actually.

Aemiliuslives who created a couple of awesome 3D model based submissions for some of our art collaborations like the big Mortal Kombat Tribute made this one a year ago already, in January 2015, but everyone knows that I am a lazy and slow person so it took a bit while I always wanted to feature this work of him. Excellent work AE!