So its no wonder that fans around the world are still drawn their favourite kombatants. Some like Romeo J. Gonzales go even so far that they pay quite a tribute in creating a whole series dedicated to the Mortal Kombat X  characters. 

He started this project last year and is continuing it now with six more fan arts. Reason enough to feature his works!


Jax MKX Wrestler Variation Art


Wrestler Variation

Mileena MKX Etheral Variation Art


Etheral Variation

Reptile Nimble Variation MKX Art


Nimble Variation

 If the arcade /tower endings of Jax and a few others were canon for a change we saw him for the last time in a Mortal Kombat game maybe.

He is a badass through and through in MKX but all good things come to an end, right?

Mileena saw her maybe biggest visual design since 2004 and MK Deception, but it looks like she won’t return in the next MK as well.

Reptile is one of my favourite characters in MKX, also loved his arcade ending, hope we might see another Zaterran though.


Kenshi MKX Balanced Variation Art  


Balanced Variation

Kitana Mournful Variation Art


Mournful Variation

  Kenshi MKX Possessed Variation Art


Possessed Variation

Kenshi was one of the most popular and liked characters back in Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance and Deception. Fans were happy he was returning as a DLC character too in Mortal Kombat 9. In Mortal Kombat X all of his different playstyles he got in the three previous games were used and became very balanced variations. Through the “Possessed” Variation, Netherrealm gave him also a new gameplay. His role in the MKX story mode was also flawless I think.

Seeing Kitana as one of the bad guys however for the first time was a bit weird. I mean she is a revenant now and thats okay but if they could save Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Jax..why not Kitana too? Maybe that will make her a more interesting character in the next Mortal Kombat though.


Romeo J. Gonzales is a very active Game-Art-HQ Community member who submitted artworks for almost ten different projects now. Be sure to visit his gallery on dA as well if you liked these MKX variation artworks from him!