Beyond Game Over Mega Man Art Beyond Game Over Pikachu Art Beyond Game Over Samus Aran Art

“Beyond Game Over is a little series I’ve been playing around with showcasing the nightmarish remnants of the  video game heroes who failed to complete the heroic tasks.
These unfortunate characters mental and physical selves have been twisted and defiled by their failures, and what remains is little more than a hellish shell of what they once were.”




That’s how Eric Ridgeway, describes his latest video game art series. I was basically blown away when I saw his take on Mega Man which was the first artwork of the series he shared online on dA and when he uploaded that nightmarish Pikachu I new he is on to something really disturbing now..but in a damn cool form. His Pikachu also got the Daily Deviation Honor there on dA which was well earned.

Eric mentioned it to me that he plans to do some more of these, wonder if one of the classic Castlevania heroes like Simon Belmont or Solid Snake from MGS will be among them.