Evil The Cat in the Earthworm Jim TV Show   

Evil the Cat is the 2nd Stage Boss in Earthworm Jim (1994). It did not appear in any other video games but Evil The Cat had a big role as an antagonist in the Earthworm Jim Cartoon Show. 


Evil the Cat from the Earthworm Jim: an Overview

Charactername: Evil the Cat   Developed /Created by Shiny Entertainment 
Gameseries: Earthworm Jim   First seen on: Mega Drive /Genesis 
First Game: Earthworm Jim   Year first seen in: 1994 
Last Game: “”    Birthplace:  
Role(s) and Characteristics: Stage Boss    Weapons or Martial Arts Style:  
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Official Game Art like promotional Illustrations of Evil the Cat from Earthworm Jim

Evil the Cat Earthworm Jim Official Game Art

Earthworm Jim (1994)



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Selected Fan Art and Cosplay Photos of Evil the Cat

Evil The Cat (Earthworm Jim  Fan Art) by_cerberuslives

Evil The Cat

by CerberusLives 




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 Yup, Cats are Evil.