Rainbow Mika SFV Butt Slap Tribute Art by Mihai Radu

R.Mika – Never Forget by  the long-time Game-Art-HQ Contributor Mihai Radu

To quote Mihai directly:

“Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. And in this case I just had to make a bit of a statement regarding a recent development having to do with the production of Street Fighter 5.”


It’s just a silly and dumb animation and part of a game where it is

normal to throw fireballs at each other but it is also a statement

and sadly a trend of 2015 when something like a butt slap by R.Mika

gets censored by the developers, Capcom.

Why has everything have to be so fucking political correct now?

Fuck that.

Thanks @ Mihai for making this awesome art.

Never forget 🙂

R.Mika Butt Slap Gif from SFV