Cassie Cage Cosplay Catherine Succubus Cosplay Deathwing WoW Cosplay by Jessica Nigri Nova Terra Cosplay

Have a nice December 2015 and pre-christmas time everyone!

This is the 2nd video game cosplay feature on Game-Art-HQ where I try to feature and share a couple of photos by super talented cosplayers and photographers that were submitted to our GA-HQ Group in November.



Narga-Lifestream as Cassie Cage from Mortal Kombat X 

Cassie Cage Cosplay 

Super amazing and sexy cosplay of Cassie Cage from Mortal Kombat X Cassie Cage Cosplay Photo by Narga-Lifestream


I featured Narga-Lifestream from Russia and her cosplays pretty often already, but this lady and her photographer(s) are just doing amazing art now since years.

She got into  the last cosplay feature already with her take on Cassie Cage from Mortal Kombat X with two images that were made on a convention. Now she created this series where she is not only cosplaying Cassie, nope..she basically IS Cassie Cage and looks just her on the official MKX Wallpaper. I doubt that a Cassie Cage cosplay can get any better than this, it’s just a “Flawless Victory” 😉

Check also the Site by her photographer AKU 


IscariotElian as Catherine in her Succubus design 

Catherine Sexy Succubus Cosplay Art Catherine Cosplay in her Succubus Form Catherine Succubus True Form Cosplay  

Catherine is probably still one of the most beautiful and erotic video game characters of at least the last five years and Atlus did a great job at creating a whole game about her without making it a silly visual novel they call them often..a “simulation”. You know, these type of games where you as the guy have to date little anime loligirls and they ask you stuff, you have to make them little gifts and choose the right flowers etc. to win their heart yadda yadda.blabla.

Nah, Catherine is a game much deeper than that, and to come back to the cosplay topic finally, IscariotElian also created a pretty “deep” cosplay here together with Andy Shinkarchuk that is really rarely done. She was a basically super sexy and perfect Catherine already and looked like seduction itself on some of her photos, but this time she cosplayed Catherine in her true form as a Succubus. It’s the first time actually I saw someone going the extra mile for this costume and that it was done with so much attention to the details of the costume and also finding a really great background setting for this cosplay shoot is simply amazing.

Thanks a ton for creating and sharing these works @ IscariotElian and Andy Shinkarchuk.  



Jessica Nigri as Deathwing from WoW & Lyz Brickley as Nova Terra from Starcraft

Deathwing WoW Cosplay by Jessica Nigri Nova Terra Cosplay


Jessica Nigri is probably one of the most popular cosplayers but not a few people criticised her for being “just sexy” and all about dem boobs. 

If you only know about some of her professional works when she cosplayed  Julia Starling for the Lolipop Chainsaw ads as example this could indeed be your first impression of her, but if you look a bit at her many other cosplays you find a ton that is not about just looking like a sexy blonde.

She did some amazing Pokemon cosplays this year and her cosplay as the mighty Deathwing from World of Warcraft is just as accurate as it can get if you try to cosplay a fearsome dragon creature. 


“Absolutely loved doing this shoot with Lyz. Going out to this location was surreal. You couldn’t hear anything but yourself. It was super quiet. 
California has such a beautiful and varied landscape. I can’t wait to go back again next year. “

Beethy (The Photographer) who was behind both photos and is responsible for awesome cosplay photos now since years.*5* @ Australia




The next Cosplay Feature of this series will arrive on Friday the 1st January 2016. Thanks for visiting.

I totally recommend to visit the dA Profiles by the artists as well.


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