King Boo Luigi's Mansion Fan Art

King Boo the main antagonist from the Luigi’s Mansion games, drawn by GA-HQ Contributor Courtney Chitsiga


“Finally got some time to attack another Halloween boogie! Decided to repaint something from the first ever Halloween boogie art jam, which was three years ago!!!

I tried to paint it almost as if it were a screenshot from the game! turned out well me thinks 🙂

Imagine a WiiU/NX version with like super dynamic lightning and atmosphere! I want it. “
Gamer Confession: Till today I did not play any of the Luigi’s Mansion games while they look super fun =/ Hope I find the time to get into them somehow in the future, maybe if Nintendo decides to create a game of the series for their NeXt system which I believe could get a much bigger success than the Wii U.
*5* @ Courtney for drawing such a cool fan art of King Boo there.
Time to think about the next round of Mario’s Blacklist already 🙂