De Loco and Alfonso from Skies of Arcadia

De Loco and Alfonso are two of the villains in Skies of Arcadia and were drawn as part of an art trade by StarsandOceans

“If you need a story behind this, imagine there’s a Valuan journalist reporting on Alfonso’s punishment promotion to Ixa’Taka (because Valuan old ladies love to gossip and stories about Alfonso are their favorites), and he’s trying hard to look serious and happy and honored to be sent down there to collaborate with his “good friend De Loco” :D

Poor De Loco, he’s really the one being punished here XD I figured out how he got his name as I was drawing this: attempting to draw his steampunk Christmas elf outfit is enough to drive anyone crazy.”


As a fan of Skies of Arcadia who spent a lot of fun hours with this old jrpg by Sega I am glad about every tiny spotlight this game gets through a new fan art. That some of the antagonists get the honors is a nice extra bonus as well. Kudos to Sandra 🙂