Raziel the Soul Reaver from Legacy of Kain

I start to make some little plans at every end of a month to get a schedule of the art features for the next one together, but sometimes I just get surprised by artists that want to share a new video game fan art and I  just have to change the schedule a bit because this new fan art had the “IT” factor.

This happened with the Raziel fan art above that was submitted by Bariati, an artist who participated in multiple of our FGE Art Contests and also our Tekken Tributes back in 2013. Raziel, the Soul Reaver from the Legacy of Kain series deserves every bit of spotlight he can get I believe, and honestly, it has been almost a year since we showed something from him here on Game-Art-HQ.

In the illustration you can see Raziel in the spectral world which was a big feature in the two Soul Reaver games.