Hello dear visitor, and first of all, sorry that it is like it is.

We are using an Anti-Ad-Blocker Software here now because the percentage of visitors that are using Ad-Blockers is rising and rising and for sure not our fault since we are not using a lot banners here or even use crap like Pop Ups. But the popularity of the Ad-Blockers is rising and rising and in October 2015 around 35% of the visitors were using it already, that’s not too far from the half.

In a month I get around 50-70 bucks together through the ad revenue. 25 of them are paid every month for the web-hosting. The rest is saved to buy sometimes software used for this website as example or for our art contests on deviantART. These art contests are usually meant to be both a challenge and a motivation for artists to create video game fan art. I, the founder and admin of this website are NOT using the ad revenue for myself. This is a total non.profit website, and one on the losing side in the “battle” between commercial websites and visitors that enough from pesky ads.

I myself am using ad-blocker on some sites that are really overdoing it, have more clickbait articles than worth to read ones or have selfplaying videos with sound but I turn it off for websites I respect. The mean thing is just that ad-block is usually turned on for every website and if you visit like 20 websites in one hour you don’t turn ad block on and off every time.

Game-Art-HQ is a 4 year old website where you can find a ton of cool stuff like our art collaborations, thousands of official and fan-made video game artworks.

Please give us a chance, turn off the ad-blocker here and through that help us to be able to run this site and also make prizes like 50 or 100 bucks possible for 1-3 art contest winners every couple of months.


How to turn off the Ad-Blocker on Game-Art-HQ

The Anti-Ad Blocker Software is turned off here, simply go to the red-hand symbol on the right upper corner of your browser and select the “Deactivate Ad-Block on this Domain” Option. It will be turned off after that on all parts of GA-HQ.

Greets, we hope you find what you searched for on this site, enjoy all the beautiful art here!