Squigly from Skullgirls Fan Art

Squigly is the cutest ndead female fighting game character since Hsien-Ko / Lei Lei in Darkstalkers I think and totally liked her playstyle in Skullgirls, one of the best 2D fighting games of the last years and probably the most successful indie fighting game so far.

Squigly was drawn here by the long-time Game-Art-HQ member Brendan Corris from NY who wrote the following about his take on her:

” Squigly from Skull Girls. I really wanted to do a SG character for the last one. At first I was leaning towards Filia, as she was my favorite, though recently I’ve come to realize I may like Squiggs the best (Cerebella is definately third on my top 3 favorites). So, despite the fact I posted a cute zombie last week, here’s another cute zombie! Hope you all enjoyed the series.

I’m pleased with the picture, but it could have been better. A lot of rough drafts were done that I didn’t like.”