Alexstrasza WoW Cosplay Art

Alexstrasza the Life-Binder from World of Warcraft cosplayed by Narga-Lifestream and her photographer Cxalena

Its been around 3 1/2 years now since I stumbled upon the cosplays by the beautiful and super talented Narga-Lifestream from Russia.

No matter what character she chooses to cosplay, be it Tira from SoulCalibur, Jill valentine from Resident Evil or now recently a good couple of World of Warcraft characters like Alexstrasza that is the guardian of all life in the world of Azeroth, Narga looks perfect as them and always finds the right photographer and locations for amazing cosplay shootings that are usually above the majority of other cosplay submissions on dA and elsewhere.


Narga also opened a youtube channel with Aoki recently where you can see her Alexstrasza cosplay in motion. She wore this costume for over 7 hours already before the video was made.

June 2018, sadly one of them removed this video from youtube. 



Alexstrasza WoW Cosplay Photo Alexstrasza WoW Cosplay