Kasumi Dead or Alive Cosplay Kasumi Cosplay DOA

When I think about some of the most beautiful and sexy female fighting game characters three names come into my mind instantly. Kasumi from Dead or Alive, Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury and Angel from King of Fighters.

Kasumi is cosplayed and drawn pretty often because of her being such a fan favourite, but only a few talented artists manage it to create beautiful fan or cosplay artworks that are not just all about T&A.

I think EnjiNight and her Photographer Balázs Sármai are among this group of people who created a truly outstanding cosplay shooting of Kasumi with the right location in the background as well.

Now she just needs to find a good Ayane cosplayer for some fun fight scenes 🙂

Kudos @ the creators for this series!

Kasumi DOA Dead or Alive Cosplay