Chris King of Fighters Redux Art

“Chris is a pretty mysterious character, he showed up on a new team in KOF ’97 and was quickly fused with resurrection of Orochi, so there isn’t much known about his back story and his true fighting ability.

For his REDUX I really wanted to create an older version of Chris, someone who could take one of the leading roles of a next generation KOF game featuring some of the younger characters. So those of you who were hoping to see young Chris, sorry to disappoint.

Obvious physical changes of the character aside, height, build, hair etc, I tried to keep his style very close to his original design. I really wanted an older KOF fan who would have played KOF ’97 could jump into a future game and see this character and they would think “Oh, that’s an older Chris!”.

Of course since he was fused with Orochi we might never actually know what SNK had in mind for an older Chris, but if I was going to design him for a future game, here you go.”

Art and Description by DigitalNinja who drew Chris as part of his King of Fighters Redux Art Series

Chris King of Fighters on Game-Art-HQ

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