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GA-HQ Community Members can either claim a game or a game character of their choice if it is related to the Art Challenge Theme or get a selection of three games or characters picked for them

Shining Force III GA-HQ RPG Art Challenge

Shining Force III Screenshot

Shining Force III was an excellent RPG for the Sega Saturn, I would call it one of the system’s best games even, but it was sadly never re-released for a newer system.

Joel Sousa, long-time GA-HQ Contributor claimed the game for our RPG Art Challenge and wrote the following about it:

Developed by Camelot, Shining Force III continues the Shining series on the infamous Sega Saturn.

This title was divided in 3 parts or scenarios, that unfortunately only Japan got all the package, while Europe and U.S. never saw those other 2 chapter, thus never getting the real ending.

With that said this piece depicts a battle towards the end of the game of the 1st part, where our group of heroes try desperately to cross the bridge of the bad guy’s castle. And as if the hordes of attacking enemies wasn’t enough, suddenly from the depths of the sea rises a mechanical Colossus looking for trouble. 
Will Synbios – a young Lord from Aspinia, Dantares – a Centaur Knight and Masqurin – an Elven Mage survive yet another raging battle against the Empire of Destonia?

Excellent work as usual @ Joel!