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The Game-Art-HQ Art Challenges are both a Challenge and a Community Project that is organized through our Group on DeviantART.

GA-HQ Community Members can either claim a game or a game character of their choice if it is related to the Art Challenge Theme or get a selection of three games or characters picked for them

Moomba from FFVIII GA-HQ Art Challenge

The Moomba from Final Fantasy on Game-Art-HQ

Everyone who played a Final Fantasy game knows the Moogles but the Moomba’s that debuted Final Fantasy VIII are not half as popular.

ShawnnL asked for a challenge and the Moomba was one of the three choices I gave him. I think he created a great fan art of the Moomba there and mastered the challenge. In the previous one he drew an antagonist, I thought that the opposite type of video game characters would be the perfect challenge type this time.


The Moomba’s are a species that helps the protagonist in FFVIII, they also appear in some of the later Final Fantasy games but more like Cameos. Like the most characters from FFVIII they did not get a lot attention later.