Rise of the Tomb Raider Lara Croft Fan Art June 2015

It has been a good while since I played a Tomb Raider game and the older ones are still my favourites, but the new games seem to be good as well and fans worldwide are still honoring Lara Croft through their art.

One of them is Sarah Christina aka Forthy-Fathoms from the United States who mostly colored Tomb Raider line arts in the past but is also coming up with very beautiful completely selfmade artworks like the one you can see on the left side.

She called it “It’s Not So High” and shows Lara being confident as usual while everyone else would be a lot more concerned probably.


Lara Croft Fan Art June 2015

This piece is based on the line-art by Kevin-Sharpe while Sarah added the whole coloring and included a lot of great looking dynamic lighting effects there.

She wrote:

“I mean, I’m in love with Lara already, that much is obvious, but this piece, it was so challenging but so worth it in the end. Originally, Lara was holding a flare, but I felt a torch fit better in this scene, and was a great practice for painting fire.

At first, my setting was during the day-time but after some consideration (and un-told hours of staring at the screen, trying to figure out what was wrong), I set it to night. Seemed more appropriate for a torch-wielding Lara versus a flare-wielding day-time Lara.”

Lara’s classic outfit and design is still my favourite one, I hope she might look a bit more like that in one of the next Tomb Raider games.

Check out Forthy-Fathoms whole gallery on dA and also her take on the classic Tomb Raider for our Playstation Anniversary Tribute in 2014 here.