Juni Shadaloo Doll Art by Genzoman


Juli from Street Fighter by Genzoman 


Juni and Juli are two of Bison’s “Shadoloo Dolls” brainwashed assassin’s that work for M.Bison like slaves. There are twelve of them, each one is named after a month in a different language.

Genzoman drew these two lovely girls in his unique style for the Street Fighter Encyclopedia Book by UDON Entertainment and shared these two lately online. The guy is just awesome or?

I hope that both Juni and Juli that were only playable in Street Fighter Alpha 3 will return in a future Street Fighter..maybe SFV? Bison returns in that game and if my theory is true he might be the big boss and antagonist there and the game will all about the death of Bison and the fall of Shadoloo as well as about the rise of the Illuminati led by Gill.