Scorpion MK Legacy Art Mortal Kombat X by Esau Murga

Scorpion in his new  Mortal Kombat X design, drawn by Esau Murga as part of his long running MK Legacy Fan Art series. Have a good look at the fallen warriors behind Scorpion!

Mortal Kombat X is released and one of the best fighting games released in the last years.

We are big fans of the MK games since 1992 and thought it would be a fun idea to celebrate it with a “Mortal Friday” fan art feature of seven illustrations that were made to tribute the game and are just awesome to look at!

Game-Art-HQ is also going to organize a new round for the Mortal Kombat Art Tribute with the target to cover all new MK characters in their different designs, but more about that in June.



Kano MKX Mortal Kombat X Portrait Art Mileena MKX Portrait Art Takeda Takahashi MKX Portrait Fan Art

Kano and Mileena are working together in the story mode of Mortal Kombat X but are not very successful there with their plan to dethrone Kotal Kahn as the new Emperor of Outworld.  Takeda Takahashi however, the new hirai Ryu Ninja and son of Kenshi is one of the members of the Special Forces Team that is able to defeat the corrupt Elder God, Shinnok.

All three were drawn here as part of a MKX Character Portrait series by Flavio Luccisano. I like that these portraits are completely in black and white. Flavio has no problems with colorations, but the omission of colors is actually giving these portraits a very serious characters that’s just too fitting for Kano, Mileena and Takeda.


Jacqui Briggs Sexy Fan Art by Ganassa MKX Mortal Kombat X

Serious or not, Mileena is also a pretty sexy character often and while she still has those big teeth and has no problem with cannibalism, nobody can deny that her new look in MKX is simply beautiful.


And so are these new illustrations of her and the new character Jacqui Briggs, the daughter of Jax, drawn here in pin-up style poses by Ganassa!

Mileena Sexy Fan Art MKX Mortal Kombat X by Ganassa


D'Vorah Venomous Variation Fan Art MKX

D’Vorah was one of the first new characters that were shown during the Sony Press Conference at the E3 in June 2014.

This character plays a relative big role in the story of Mortal Kombat X but stays pretty mysterious and not a lot is known about her reasons to side with Quan Chi and Shinnok.


Unlike the other characters, D’Vorah in her Venomous Variation was not drawn but completely sculpted as a 3D Model by Aemiliuslives.

You can see a rotating view on the 3D Model by him actually as well: